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Today on public banging we have another hot scene. This time we have this hot teen that got lost while visiting her sister’s town.  But she wanted to surprise her so she didn’t tell her about her little visit. But she didn’t remember her address so she stopped at this info point to ask someone for some indications.  No one was there but she didn’t know where to go so she waited there for a little while. Some guys were passing thru and saw her all disoriented and thought they might have some fun with her.

They approached her and asked her what information she needs because they live in the city and could help her out. At first she didn’t want to talk to them but after the rest left and she remained with one of them she explained him everything. He told her that he would help her out but with one condition, if she sucked his cock right there. She didn’t even wanted to hear about it, but the night was coming and she was all alone. So they went on the other side of the info point and he got what he wanted. His hard cock stuffed in her filthy mouth. Enjoy it!

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We are back with another hot scene for you guys. This time we have this hot blonde that ends up in a public bathroom sucking off a big cock. She went out with some friends the other night and after they all got hammered some of them went home without paying the bill at the club, so when she was getting her coat on to leave the waiter came to her and told her that she still have some drinks to pay for. Of course she didn’t have anymore money at her and her cab money didn’t cover the entire amount. She tried calling her friends but no one answer so she tried discuss with the manager. She ended her night like I said earlier in the club’s bathroom on her knees sucking off the manager’s big cock to pay her friend’s drinks. If you liked this scene you should check out for more hot updates! Hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time with more!


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